Japan prepares for the arrival of the business jet

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2020, and the Olympics comes to Japan, and with this world stage event so does an increase in the volume of visiting business jets.

Japan knows this and is preparing its private jet terminals and infrastructure to welcome your, and many other business jets to its country.

The number of takeoffs and landings by business jets at airports in Japan came to 5,719 in 2018, twice as many as a decade earlier, according to the transport ministry, but Japans use is still small when compared with that of other large countries.

Connected with the Olympics and the showcase this brings to any country, is the increase in expected business jet visitors from Asian countries, and wide Asia is expected to fuel the large part of Japan’s tourism boom.

In 2016, there were just 57 registered business jets in Japan, compared with 19,153 in the U.S., 243 in India and 157 in China.

Business jets are rare in Japan, where they are seen as an extravagance. The country’s extensive high-speed rail network and other railways, along with Japan’s relatively small size, further limits the market. But as more visitors arrive from other parts of Asia, the use of business jets is expected to grow.

The Hondajet, built by Honda Aircraft, became the top selling jet in its class in 2018 for the second consecutive year. Designing and manufacturing the Honda business jet has heightened interest in private and business aviation in the country.

Quite soon, the country will be inundated with visiting business jets, which is a good news story in terms of advertising the spend and employment per visiting business jet to the country as a whole.

During 2019, the ministry will subsidize the creation of designated runways and setting up additional immigration counters and other facilities for business jet passengers at local airports. This includes the introduction of designated runways for business jets at Haneda and Narita airports.