A guide to jet charter

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This guide to chartering a jet will help you to assess your options and pick a solution that’s right for you.

Chartering a jet does not involve any long-term commitment, as is the case with jet cards or fractional jet ownership. A charter broker can arrange for a single flight without requiring any additional commitment.

In the United States, you may have to pay about $8,000 to charter a very light jet for a 2½-hour flight. In Europe, you may have to pay $4,600 – $8,500 to charter a very light jet for a 90-minute flight.

The benefits of chartering a jet

A chartered business jet offers several advantages as compared to a scheduled airline flight. A chartered jet can help you to avoid long lines, intrusive searches and unexpected delays at crowded airports.

The destination is your choice. A chartered flight can help you to reach destinations that don’t have regular airline services or require connecting flights.

When you charter a jet, you can fly in comfort and privacy in your own private jet, directly to your destination.

Ultimately a chartered jet provides you to have complete flexibility and control over your schedule. That’s the beauty.

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Some of the things you need to keep in mind when you charter a jet are mentioned here:

1. Look for a reliable charter operator

Search online for an experienced charter operator with a proven track record of safety and service quality.

Look for licensed service providers with quality aircraft, many years of experience and independent endorsements. You can contact the operator directly or use a broker.

Personal referrals and testimonials can help you to find an operator with a good reputation. Avoid choosing a charter company only on the basis of the lowest price and verify the details carefully before you decide.

2. Does it make sense to use a charter broker?

If you have chartered flights in the past and know the operator, it makes sense to avoid using a broker. However, if you are a newbie, a licensed broker will help you to assess the available options in your area.

Charter brokers usually charge a commission of around 7%. However, operators usually offer wholesale rates to brokers, so you may not save much money by cutting out the middleman. A broker may also negotiate with the operator and help you to get a discount.

3. Decide on the type of jet aircraft you need

Consider your requirements in terms of the price point, number of passengers, luggage, distance and whether you need to fly directly to the destination.

Evaluate the fleet offerings of a dependable operator and outline your specific requirements. The charter operator will suggest solutions that will help you to save time as well as money.

4. Compare quotes

It’s best to compare quotes from a few service providers even if you like a particular charter operator. This will help you to negotiate a better deal. You can request quotes online or contact representatives of a few operators directly.

If you have a flexible schedule, you can look for empty leg flights, which are offered at a lower cost. An empty leg flight is one that has carried passengers one way and is returning empty to the previous destination.

5. Book the charter

If you are booking a charter online, you will receive a quote after you enter the type of jet, starting point, destination, your contact details, etc. If the quote is acceptable, you can book the flight by completing the online process. You can also contact a representative of the operator.

Check to see if the final cost covers extras like device fees, ground transportation and catering. Find out if there are any other charges that you could be asked to pay. Verify the licensing details and reputation of the service provider before you charter.

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