Light Jets are recommended for groups of up to 7 passengers. These jets travel at 420-535 miles per hour and have a range of 1,000-1,700 miles.

Bombardier Learjet 70

The Learjet 70 aircraft follows its business jet legacy as the most trusted light jet platform among Fortune 50 and 500 companies. The cabin of the Learjet 70 business jet is designed for the utmost comfort: flat floor for ease of movement and fully-equipped for productivity

Cessna Citation CJ

The Citation CJ business jet delivers superior unparalleled reliability without sacrificing productivity and comfort. Available in CJ3+ and CJ4 model, the CJ3+ provides 2,040nm range with room for 9 passengers. The CJ4 provides 2,165nm range and increases passenger capacity to 10

Embraer Phenom 300

The Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 is a light jet aircraft developed by the Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer with room for up to 11 occupants

Nextant 400A

Based on the Hawker 400, the Nextant 400XT, is born form the Beechjet 400A/XP and sells for approximately one-half the price of competing models with comparable features and specifications. The business jet is known by pilots as one of the most versatile, comfortable and economic light jets ever built

Pilatus PC-24

The Pilatus PC-24 is a light business jet manaufactured by Pilatus if Switzerland. The aircraft was introduced on 21 May 2013 and rolled out on 1 August 2014 to a large waiting list. The advantage the PC-24 has is the ability to land on rugged airflields along with short asphelt runways as well as the larger airport runways. The business jet has also been designed to have the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium light jet, and the performance of a light jet. The aircraft also good equipments / luggage space, and excellent range for its size.