Very light jets:

A very light jet, entry-level jet or personal jet, is a category of small jet aircraft approved for single-pilot operation, seating 4-8 people, with a maximum take-off weight of under 4,540 kg (10,000 pounds).

They are the lightest category of business jet.

Very light jets are intended to have lower operating costs, and able to operate from runways as short as 3,000 feet (914 m).


The Cessna Citation M2 light jet

A cessna citation m2 light jet on the apron


The Phenom 100EV is a very light jet from Brazilian manufacturer Embraer


Honda Jet

The Honda Jet very light jet


The Honda Aircraft Company are making the foray into the jet market with a very-light jet the HondajetHA-420. The jet is expected to move the light et market in with a best in class.