Gulfstream G500 receives FAA Approvals

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The G500 is an all new business jet from Gulfstream Aerospace, manufactured at the Gulfstream facility in Savannah, Georgia.

Capable of flying 4,400 nautical miles/8,149 kilometers at Mach 0.90, and a maximum speed Mach of 0.925. The advanced airframe design and powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada engines give the aircraft a range of 5,200 nautical miles/9,630 kilometers at a cruising speed of Mach 0.85.

Gulfstream market the all-new G500 business jet as the ‘Gulfstream that stretches the limits of high-speed travel’ and will be especially pleased this week as the FAA have granted Gulfstream both type certification and its production certificate for the G500 on July 20, with customer deliveries planned to begin later this year.

Gulfstream President Mark Burns: “Receiving the type certification and production certificate on the same day speaks to the rigor inherent in the G500 program and the commitment to excellence of the entire Gulfstream team,”

“We’re excited to conclude the type certification effort, complete the production certificate audit and move on to the next phase of this program: delivering aircraft. We look forward to seeing the G500 in our customers’ hangars soon.”

The approvals followed tens of thousands of labor hours and more than 5,000 hr. of flight time in five flight-test aircraft.

The G500’s nonstop reach connects distant cities such as Istanbul to Cape Town, South Africa; Los Angeles to London; and San Francisco to Tokyo – likely making it popular with corporations, charter companies and private owners.

Gulfstream G500 business jet interior

Payload isn’t sacrificed for speed and range thanks to the advanced airframe design, an with a cabin measuring 7 feet 11 inches/2.41 meters wide and a height of 6 feet 4 inches/1.93 meters, the cabin is the optimal size for up to 19 passengers in best-in-class speed, maneuverability and fuel efficiency.

The G500 is the first clean-sheet Gulfstream aircraft to achieve certification using Gulfstream’s FAA Organizational Designation Authorization. The ODA allows those authorized to conduct some of the functions normally performed by the FAA.

The aircraft includes active control sidesticks, 10 touchscreens in the flight deck and a third-generation enhanced vision system. It is the first business aircraft certified to Stage 5 noise standards, the company said.

The aircraft’s uniquely shaped cross-section translates to plentiful elbow and shoulder room for seated passengers while also offering plenty of headroom as passengers move about the cabin. The 27-inch-/68.5-centimeter-wide seats include an articulating footrest for comfortable reclining. Pedestal-mounted conference tables provide stability for working and are height adjustable. High-speed communications and entertainment equipment allow the cabin to double as an office in the sky or a media room.